1956 Sterling Price Camp Roster

 1956 saw a new administration in place and a few changes in Camp officers. Charles Stuart Via became Camp Commander for the first time. He was to serve in this position several more times throughout the years. Carl P. Daniel  was elected 1st Lieutenant Commander, Herbert Curlee Phillips Jr. was elected Adjutant (he would become Commander in 1958), Carl P. Daniel Jr. became treasurer, and Frederic L. Niemeyer became Quartermaster (he had been Camp Commander in 1948). Wylie Creel retained his position as 2nd Lieutenant Commander, as did; W. C. Rawls Jr. (Judge Advocate), Dr. Drew Luten (Surgeon), George Tucker (Historian), Hall Wingfield (Color Sergeant), and W. Scott Hancock (Chaplain). The membership numbers were down slightly as indicated by the following roster:


1.  Abbott, Arthur C.
2.  Atterbury, H. Baker
3.  Barnes, E. F. Jr.
4.  Brokaw, Frederic
5.  Cannon, K. R.
6.  Crowdus, Wm. W. Jr.
7.  Crowdus, Wm. W.
8.  Curlee, Francis M.
9.  Dalton, John M.
10.Farrar, Alf E.
11.Gordon, M. M.
12.Hampton, Dr. O. P.
13.Hampton, Dr. Stanley F.
14.Hancock, Major Walker
15.Hanley, Edward J.
16.Hopkins, Edw. J.
17.Hume, Fred
18.Jones, Lorraine F. Jr.
19.Knabe, Paul
20.Lockwood, Richard J.
21.Long, Breckinridge
22.Martin, L. F.
23.McCulloch, Spencer R.
24.Meriwether, Lee
25.Mullen, Joseph
26.Niedermeyer, Hiram P.
27.Petrie, Dudley
28. Phillips, Robert B.
29.Powell, R. Michael II
30.Price, John O.
31.Rawls, Dr. Thompson T.
32.Rawls, Walter C.
33.Rives, John R. T.
34.Rodgers, H. D.
35.Ross, Wm. L.
36.Simms, Dr. B. D.
37.Skinker, Thomas J.
38.Stewart, Dr. Floyd
39.Stribling, Col. C. R.
40.Turner, Dale O.
41.Warren, William
42.Whittall, J. T.


 Judge Walter B. Jones
 Rev. Frank C. King
 George W. Tucker