Sterling Price Camp Roster



*******************1961 - 1962  **********************

No reports are available for 1961, and the only event report available for 1962 was the celebration of Lee Meriwether’s 100th birthday, held at his home. Membership seems to have suffered a steep decline that year for some inexplicable reason. A typed roster indicates that only thirty men remained in the Camp.

     ********************* 1963 *************************

1963 saw a new administration take charge of the Camp, and a further decline in membership. These should have been the premiere years for the Sons of Confederate Veterans, as the Nation Celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the War for Southern Independence, but for some reason interest was waning. Membership had gone from 55 members in 1960 to 19 by 1963. Paul Knabe was elected to Command the Camp during these trying times, and the venerable Lee Meriwether served as 1st Lieutenant Commander. This year, for the first time, there was no 2nd Lieutenant Commander,  Quartermaster, Judge Advocate, Surgeon, Historian, or Color Sergeant appointed. This also indicates that there were evidently some underlying problems with the organization at this time. Col. Daniel Hundley served as Adjutant, Lynnewood Martin-Treasurer, and Fred Niemeyer served as Chaplain in 1962. One prominent member was the Honorable John M. Dalton, Governor of Missouri.  1962 membership included:

                                    K. R. Cannon                      John M. Dalton
                                    Dr. O. P. Hampton Jr.         Lorraine F. Jones Jr
                                    Dr. Drew Luten                  A. Wellborne Moise
                                    John Mosby III                   John B. Peters
                                    Dr. Thompson Rawls          Walter C. Rawls
                                    Walter C. Rawls Jr.             Thomas J. Skinker
                                    Charles S. Via                     William Warren


                    ********************* 1964 **********************

The organization  stabilized at 19 members in 1964, as two more members dropped out, one new one was added, and one past member was re-instated. The office of Treasurer was dropped, and the Camp Adjutant ( Col. Hundley) did both jobs. Paul Knabe remained as Commander, Lee Meriwether - Lieutenant Commander, and Fred Niemeyer - Chaplain. That year Commander Knabe died of a heart ailment (September 13th, 1964) he was 76 years old.  Other members included:

                                    K. R. Cannon                     Gov. John M. Dalton
                                    Dr. O. P. Hampton Jr.         Lorraine F. Jones Jr.
                                    Dr. Drew Luten                  Clint J. Murphey
                                    A. Wellborne Moise            John Mosby III
                                    John B. Peters                     Dr. Thompson Rawls
                                   Walter C. Rawls                  Walter C. Rawls Jr.
                                    Dr. Floyd Stewart               Charles S. Via
                                                        William Crowdus

********************* 1965 *********************

By 1965 the membership was down to 16. Charles S. Via was serving as Camp Commander, after the untimely death of Paul Knabe the previous year. The venerable Lee Meriwether (now 103 years old) served as 1st Lieutenant Commander, John B. Peters of Kirkwood served as Adjutant, Colonel D.H. Hundley served as Treasurer, and Fred Niemeyer served as Chaplain that year. Other members included: J. M. Alexander, K. R. Cannon, S. Courtney Jr., W. W. Crowdus, L. Jones, D. Luten,     D. Luten Jr., L. Martin, A. W. Moise, C. J. Murphey, and H. C. Phillips. There is no mention in the records of Camp participation in any of the activities concerning the Centennial anniversary of the Appomattox surrender that year.

********************* 1966 **********************

1966 saw the passing of Compatriot Lee Meriwether on March 12th.  A  special memorial meeting was held at the University Club on May 7th 1966 in his honor. The invocation was given by Reverend Lynnewood Martin, and the Daughters of the Confederacy in attendance were welcomed by Commander Charles Via. Adjutant John B. Peters served as the Master of Ceremonies. Also in attendance were Dr. Gerald Anderson of the Kansas City SCV Camp, and Mrs. Henry Frost Chadeayne, and G. Edward (Gus) Budde Public Information Officer for the St. Louis Bi-Centennial Commission. Lee Meriwether had been an esteemed member of the Camp for over 50 years.

                           Membership had increased to 23 by 1966 and included:

                        Wm. Atwood                                            Clinton J. Murphey
                        Kalford Cannon                                         A. Wellborne Moise
                        William Crowdus                                       John Mosby III
                        Gov. John M. Dalton                                 Frederic L. Niemeyer
                       William Dalton                                           John B. Peters
                       Dr. O. P. Hampton Jr.                                H. C. Phillips Jr.
                       Colonel D. H. Hundley                              Walter C. Rawls
                       Lorraine F. Jones Jr.                                  Walter C. Rawls
                       Alexander Jones                                         Dr. Thompson Rawls
                       Dr. Drew Luten                                         Courtney Shands
                       Rev. Lynnewood Martin                            T. Dudley Petrie
                                                        Charles S. Via


********************** 1967 ************************

In 1967 Colonel Daniel H. Hundley was elected Camp Commander, Charles Via served as Lt. Commander, Fred Niemeyer served as Treasurer, and Courtney Shands was Adjutant. Membership remained the same with the exception of five new members; J. F. Vierling , J. L. Orten, James T. Pettus, H. S. Pettus, and L. L. Pettus.

   *********************** 1968 **********************

In spite of the fact that National dues were only $2 in 1968, membership payments came in very slowly that year. By March only 9 had paid, in May three more paid, and it wasn’t until August that the remaining 4 members came forward and paid their dues. Membership dropped to 16 again this year. Camp officers retained the positions they held in 1967.

      ***************** 1969 - 1970 ********************

In 1969 John C. Mosby III was elected Camp Commander, Fred Niemeyer retained his position as Camp Treasurer, Courtney Shands served as Adjutant, and the membership was back up to 23. Members included:

John A. Bryan                                  A. Welborne Moise                           D. H. Hundley
R. E. Orten                                       J. B. Peters                                       J. H. Cunningham
J. Lee Orten                                      Lorraine F. Jones Jr.                         Alexander Jones
Ivan Lee Holt                                    Vance Cherbonnier                           J. T. Pettus
W. L. Atwood                                   Wm. W. Crowdus                            J. M. Dalton
Dr. O. P. Hampton                            Dr. Drew Luten                                John McDermott
C. J. Murphy                                     H. C. Phillips                                    Charles S. Via