Sterling Price Camp History 1980-1989

************************* 1980 *************************

Noble Wyatt continued as Commander this year, and there was a continual increase in membership as he worked to make the Camp more active. In July of 1980 Jimmy Dee Woods III was elected Commander, and Devin Day served as Adjutant. By the end of the year they boasted a membership of 39, as follows:

Charles H. Andrews                        Lowell C. Bankhead Jr.                     Paul Bennett
H. Jackson Bradley III                   Dr. Phillip Brumbaugh                       James L. Buckley Jr.
William K. Gardner Jr.                   T. C. Carlin                                       J. D. Cooper
Emory G. Craig                              Devin F. Day                                    Judge Ivan Lee Holt Jr.
J. Allen Huddleston Jr.                   Col. D. H. Hundley                           M. Alexander Jones
Maury F. Jones                               I. A. Long                                        Joseph M. Menius
John J. McDermott                         E. D. Mitchell                                   A. Wellborne Moise
Clint Murphy                                  Frederic Niemeyer                             James C. Patrick
C. Lee Pope                                    Scott H. Radcliffe                             Donn L. Gayler
Courtney Shands Jr.                        Courtney Shands III                          Charles S. Via
William J. Winetroub                      Jimmy Woods                                    Noble K. Wyatt
Stanley D. Wyatt                            Thomas I. Wyatt                                Dan Yancy
Don S. Schomburg                          Glenn Cassidy                                   David L. Guise

   ******************* 1981 - 1983 *****************

Jim Woods served as Camp Commander til July of 1983 when Devin Day was elected Commander.

      ****************** 1983 - 1987 ******************

Commander Devin Day served as Camp Commander from July 1983 til 1987. Camden l. Cherbonnier served as Adjutant, and they held regular meetings at the Episcopal Church of St. Michael and St. George on Wydown Boulevard. During this time money was raised for a monument to the Missourians at Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield, five Confederate General’s and four Congressmen’s graves were marked, the Sterling Price monument was re-engraved, and the Camp was completely reorganized although the membership had dropped to 29 members, as follows:

C. Frederick Barbee                           Paul Bennett                               Bill Bowden
Philip  Brumbaugh                             Camden Cherbonnier                   J. D. Cooper
Devin F. Day                                     William k. Gardner                      Ivan Lee Holt Jr.
Thomas C. Howard                            Col. D. H. Hundley                     M. Alexander Jones
Charles E. Lee                                    I. A. Long                                  Ed Mitchell
A. Wellborne Moise                           Clinton A. Murphy                     Clinton J. Murphy
Fred Niemeyer                                    William Osborne                        James C. Patrick
Gary A. Powell                                   Courtney Shands Jr.                   Charles Via
Frank P. Wilfley                                  Noble Wyatt                               Stanley Wyatt
Jimmy Woods                                     John Zilliken

The membership continued to dwindle til by the end of 1986 there were only 15 members left in the Camp. Toward the end of 1987 Compatriot Patrick Gaylord O’Connor served briefly as Commander. He was also serving on the staff of the newly reorganized Missouri Division.

     ******************* 1988 - 1989  ********************

In 1988 John Karel was elected Camp Commander, and under his guidance and leadership the Camp began to rebuild. Commander Karel re-instituted many of the Camp traditions, and began to have regular monthly Camp meetings. The membership slowly increased, and a Camp Newsletter “The Army Argus” was began. Mike Pierce was elected Lt. Commander, and Gene Dressel was elected Adjutant. Mike Pierce had a monument to the Confederate dead erected at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, and was honored by the Missouri Division for his efforts.  The Camp attended “Sterling Price Days” in Keytesville, Missouri in September which was addressed by Commander Robert l. Hawkins III. In January of 1989 Commander Karel was the keynote speaker at the United daughters of the Confederacy’s General’s Luncheon, and the Camp attended the Lee/Jackson Dinner in Columbia, Missouri.