Sterling Price Camp History 1990-1998

********************** 1990 *************************

In 1990 Dr. Patrick Hardy MD was elected Commander, and Major Jeffrey Smith was elected Adjutant. The monthly meetings began having guest speakers, and were held at prominent restaurants in the St. Louis area. In the fall of 1990 Carlos Whitehead was elected Adjutant, and Jeff Smith became Chaplain. Dr. Hardy was named Surgeon-in-Chief of the National Military Order of Stars and Bars. The Sterling Price Birthday Dinner was inaugurated, as well as the first annual Camp Jackson Day Dinner. Membership began to increase once more, and attendance at meetings was up.

    ******************** 1991 **************************

In 1991 the continued success of the reorganized Camp was demonstrated by an increase in membership, and Camp activities. The Special Dinners instituted by Commander Hardy were well attended, and gave a felling of comradery to the Camp. The wives and friends of Camp members  were welcomed at these events, which  greatly expanded the attendance. The Camp Jackson Dinner was held at the historic Cupples House on the Frost Campus of St. Louis University. The Campus was named for Confederate General Daniel Marsh Frost. Monthly meetings were held at Marie Callender’s Restaurant on Manchester. The Camp received the Col. John Q. Burbridge Award for Best Camp and the Major John Newman Edwards Award for Best Newsletter that year. Membership soared from 19 members to over 50 members in one year under the leadership of Commander Hardy, and the Major General John Stevens Bowen Chapter of the Military Order of Stars and bars was established.  At the 1991 National Reunion at Columbus, Georgia the Army Argus won first place in the MOSB Best Chapter Newsletter, John Karel was awarded the Distinguished service Medal, and Commander Hardy received the Meritorious Service Medal. Meetings were held at Jo Hannon’s Restaurant, and were well attended. At the annual Sterling Price Diner John Karel was presented the “Sterling Price Award”, the highest honor the camp can confer.

 ************************* 1992 **************************

Commander Hardy continued to serve in 1992, and was instrumental in having Sterling Price camp host the annual Division Reunion in St. Louis County that year. It was held on April 11th 1992 at the historic “Oakland House” in Affton, Missouri. Presiding over the meeting was Division Commander Keith Daleen. At this meeting April 26th was established as Missouri Confederate Memorial Day, Sterling Price Camp donated the flagpole to our Elm Springs National SCV Headquarters, Division “Life” Membership was established, and Dr. Patrick J. Hardy was elected Missouri Division Commander.  That summer Ollie Sappington was appointed to serve as Camp Commander, and Gene Dressel was appointed Commander of the Gen. Bowen MOSB Chapter. On June 12th of that year, long time member, Charles Via passed away at his home in San Diego, California.

************************* 1993 *********************

Annual events got off to a rough start in 1993. The January 9th Lee/Jackson Dinner at Columbia, Missouri was the day of one of the worst snow storms to hit Missouri in recent history. The guest speaker, P. Charles Lunsford of Atlanta, Georgia had flown in to St. Louis and was stranded here, so a “rump” session of the Lee/Jackson Dinner was held in Dr. Hardy’s recreation room. An excellent lecture followed, and a good time was had by all in attendance. Mr. Lunsford made an encore performance in Missouri that October at the Annual Secession Day Dinner at Louisiana, Missouri.

     ********************** 1994 *********************

Ollie Sappington continued to command Sterling Price Camp this year. New officers included; Charles Welsh - 1st Lt. Commander, Dave LeMoyne - 2nd Lt. Commander, Col. James Speicher - Adjutant,  Mike Pierce - Chaplain, and Bill Bowden - Treasurer. The monthly Camp meetings were held at the Olive Garden restaurant on Manchester this year, and attendance was at an all time high. The Camp was nearing 100 members, and growing rapidly. Confederate Memorial Day services were held at Jefferson Barracks on April 30th, and the Camp Jackson Dinner was once again at the Cupples House on May 7th.  Commander Sappington , in keeping with his motto “An active Camp is a growing Camp”, filled 1994 with memorable events.  A new recruiting billboard campaign by National Headquarters secured a billboard in the St. Louis area  proclaiming the virtues of SCV membership. We purchased a new Camp flag, paid for a flagpole at Elm Springs Headquarters, a new camp Medal was struck, and Sterling Price Camp “T” shirts were made available.  A series of lecturers were provided for the monthly Camp meetings, and tours of local Confederate sites were held. Lecturers such as Dr. Phillip Thomas Tucker, Col. Heinrich Wirz,  and Margaret Richardson graced the meetings. The new Field Trip Program took camp members to such places as; New Madrid, Higginsville, Franklin Tennessee, and Elm Springs National Headquarters. Advertisements for the SCV were published in the St. Louis Genealogical Society Magazine, local Confederate gravesites were marked, and Confederate literature was donated to local libraries. A “sharing table” was established at camp meetings, where articles of interest were made available to all members. That year Ollie Sappington was elected Lieutenant Commander of the Missouri Division. The Camp once again won the Burbridge Award for Best Camp in Missouri, and the Argus won the Best Newsletter Award. In September of that year Division Commander Jim Keown resigned, and Ollie Sappington became the new Division Commander. 1994 saw the best of times, and the worst of times for Sterling Price camp #145. The worst came on December 26th, 1994, when beloved compatriot “Pat” O’Connor passed away.

       ********************* 1995 *********************

 The January meeting this year payed tribute to General Robert E. Lee in a  lecture given by John Karel. John is one of our most gifted speakers, and all in attendance agreed that it was an honor to be there. Confederate Memorial Day was held on Saturday April 22 this year, at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, and the Division Reunion was hosted by the A.C. Riley Camp at Sikeston, Missouri. The Camp Jackson Memorial Dinner was held on Friday, May 5th at Jo Hannon’s Restaurant, featuring SCV Commander-in-Chief Robert L. Hawkins III. Adjutant Colonel James Speicher initiated a project to erect a monument on Winsted Hill at Franklin, Tennessee honoring the brave Missourians who gave their lives in that heroic struggle. The memorial was named in honor of our fallen comrade Gaylord Patrick O’Connor. Sterling Price Camp also donated a considerable amount of money for the restoration of McGavock Cemetery in Franklin where 133 Missourians are buried. Compatriots Major Jeff Smith and Captain Doug Harding were both on Reserve duty in Panama, and while there, started the “Governor Claiborne Fox Jackson SCV Camp”, claiming the it to be the “Southernmost” SCV Camp in the Confederacy.  Monthly meetings were still being held at the Olive Garden Restaurant this year, however there was some dissatisfaction with the manager’s disrespectful attitude toward the display of our Confederate Battle Flag. It became obvious that a more suitable location was in order in the near  future. The annual Sterling Price Birthday Dinner was held on September 15th at Jo Hannon’s Restaurant featuring Phil Gottschalk, author of In Deadly Earnest. The Camp also attended an” ‘Ol Time Southron Bar-B-Que Eatin Contest” in Fayette, Missouri hosted by the Little Dixie Camp #1673. Winner of the contest was Commander Ollie Sappington who “scarffed down copious amounts of hawg and hen meat”. First prize was a years supply of Gas-Ex. In November the Camp participated in the rededication of the Cape Girardeau Confederate Monument, and its relocation on the Courthouse lawn.

********************* 1996 - 1997  **********************

Officers for the 1996-1997 term included; Ollie Sappington - Commander,  Larry Limpus - 1st Lt. Commander,  Bill Feeney - 2nd Lt. Commander, and Col. James Speicher - Adjutant.  A new feature was begun this year at the January meeting. Rather than restrict the meeting to the celebration of Generals Lee and Jackson, it was decided to pay tribute to the many  Confederate Generals who were born that month. In 1996, six Confederate heroes were so honored.  The annual Missouri Division Reunion was once again held in St. Louis. The April 13th 1996 activities centered around Jo Hannon’s Restaurant, and it was a very successful reunion. The Camp sadly announced the passing of Compatriots Phillip S. Brumbaugh, and William K. Gardner this year. Confederate Memorial Day was held at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery on Saturday April 21st 1996.  The Camp Jackson Memorial Dinner was held on May 10th 1996 at Jo Hannon’s Restaurant.

********************* 1998 **************************

1998 was one of the most momentous years in the history of Sterling camp Price #145. It was this year that we hosted the National Sons of Confederate Veterans Reunion in St. Louis. Most of 1997, and the first half of 1998 was consumed by planning for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Meetings were moved from the Olive Garden Restaurant to a series of various locations, and began to take on the aspect of a traveling circus.  Newsletter editor, Doug Harding was on assignment in Bosnia most of the year, and Commander Sappington initiated a project to donate a 41 volume collection of Confederate publications to several area libraries.  A full size replica of our Camp Banner was reproduced,and a picture of it graces the front and back covers of this booklet. The National Convention was held in St. Louis this year on August 5-8th. Headquarters were at the Adams Mark Hotel in downtown St. Louis.  Col. James Speicher, who had done a splendid job as Camp Adjutant, was reassigned to Kansas this year, and the loss to the Camp was sorely felt. Col. Speicher was the backbone of the organization, and replacing him was an impossible task. Dr. Hardy and Robert L. Hawkins III served as co-chairmen for the 1998 SCV Reunion, and the Gen. Bowen Chapter of the MOSB conducted several tours of Confederate sites in St. Louis during the convention. Larry Limpus was appointed National Judge-Advocate-General,  Dr. Hardy - Surgeon-in-Chief, and Ollie Sappington - Quartermaster-in-Chief.  Dr. Hardy received the Distinguished service Medal, Larry Limpus the Citation for Distinguished Service, Gene Dressel and Shawn Seithel the Commander-in-Chief’s Award. Also in 1998, Patrick J. Hardy, MD received the Jefferson Davis Chalice, the highest award that can be bestowed upon a member by the Sons of Confederate Veterans.