History of the War Between the States


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The Real Lincoln?

What Southerners Learned of Lincoln

"Mr. Lincoln advocated boldly and clearly a war of section, a war of the North against the slave States--a war of extermination to be continued relentlessly until the one or the other shall be subdued, and all the States shall either become free or become slave."

--Stephan A. Douglas, Democratic Presidential Candidate, 9 July 1858, Chicago, IL

"You learned half the story in public school, now its time to learn the other half."


Missouri Confederate History

The Missouri State Guard, under the command of Gen. Sterling Price delivering and receiving fire at approximately 8:30 am during the Battle of Wilson's Creek (alias, Battle of Oak Hill), "Bloody Hill" is in the background. Painting by N.C. Wyreth, at the Missouri State Capital.


Missouri 1861: Either a person was loyal to the elected  State Government of Gov. Claiborne F. Jackson or they were loyal to the Federal authorities. Either side could be considered in rebellion to one level of government or another. Neutrality, dearly desired by most Missourians was nearly impossible as the historical record testifies...


Battle Flag of the Missouri State Guard.


Gen. Sterling Price, biography. The Confederate State of Missouri "The 12th Star"
Gen. John S. Bowen, biography St. Louis Irish Confederates.
Why Most St. Louis Irish Would Not Fight For the Union.
The Camp Jackson Invasion/Massacre  Lincoln's plan to bring war to Missouri begins. St. Louis Confederate Units
Confederate Prisons and POW's in St. Louis.
Confederate Generals Stationed at Jefferson Barracks 
"The Last Raid", General Price's 1864 Expedition Through Missouri
Proclamation Martial Law in St. Louis 
August 14, 1861
Col. Colton Greene by Bruce Allardice (Author of "More Generals in Gray")  Battles and Engagements in Missouri ,Why Missouri Ranks 3rd with Most Battles
Col. A.W. Slayback
Missouri-Style Guerrilla Warfare 
I Am Condemned to Be Shot
Letter written by a Missouri Confederate to his wife
A Missouri Girl's Prison Experiences
Listing of Confederate Dead Buried at Jefferson Barracks St. Louis Confederate Monument
A Brave Missouri Boy Tidbits and Trivia from Confederate Missouri 
The Men Who Went South (1911 History of St. Louis Co. ) The Berthold Mansion 
Secessionist HQ in St. Louis 
Reunion Photo of Sterling Price Camp
United Confederate Veterans of Odessa, Missouri 
United Confederate Veteran Camps of Missouri in 1900 
Prominent St. Louisans in Gray Banishment from Missouri in 1864
Capt. Given Campbell  From Camp Jackson to President's Escort Cavalry A Most Daring Exploit 
Fight near St. Louis
More St. Louisans in Gray (Surnames beginning with "A")
More St. Louisans in Gray
(Surnames beginning with "B")
More St. Louisans in Gray
(Surnames beginning with "C") 
Pvt. James Haddock Yates
1st & 2nd MO Infantry 



Published Missouri Civil War Histories

(Resources Available Online)

Missouri's Soldier's Database (includes Confederate soldier records) Missouri State Archives.
Fight For Missouri, by Thomas L. Snead The story of the Civil War in northeast Missouri.  The campaign of General Harris and Colonel Green, by Floyd Calvin Shoemaker, State Historical Society, 1913.
Reminiscences of one who suffered in the lost cause, by Charles Hewitt Hance; 1915, Los Angeles, CA (a St. Louis Confederate Account!!) Recollections of a Volunteer a Memoir of The Civil War by Peter D. Lane, Late Private 16th Missouri Infantry C. S. A. Honey Creek Township, Henry County Missouri ca. 1865
Lizzie Brannock's Letter to brother Edwin from Chapel Hill, MO, Jan. 13, 1864. Desolate conditions of Missouri during the Civil War, her husband's imprisonment in St. Louis by the Union army, and her attempts to support her family 1862 Letter About Union Army Recruiting Troops in St. Louis  (Irish rushing to the British Consuls Office for protection, ect.)
Rambling Reminiscences of an Old Soldier During the War Between the States, by Andrew McLean McGregor, Hattiesburg, MS, 1912. (Missouri Confederate) With the Light Guns in '61-'65; reminiscences of eleven Arkansas, Missouri and Texas light batteries, in the civil war., by Woodruff, W. E, an Arkansas Confederate. Little Rock, Ark. 1903
Address to the public, vindicating a work of art illustrative of the federal military policy in Missouri during the late civil war.", by Bingham, George Caleb, A former Federal soldier, regarding Order No. 11:  "...The lawless instruments of tyranny, who despoiled my neighbors, burned their dwellings, and drove them forth to wander as impoverished exiles upon the earth, perpetrated their crimes in the garb both of soldiers and citizens,.." Kansas City, 1871. The Confederate mail carrier; or, From Missouri to Arkansas through Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee. An unwritten leaf of the "Civil War". Being an account of the battles, marches and hardships of the First and Second brigades, Mo., C. S. A. Together with the thrilling adventures and narrow escapes of Captain Grimes and his fair accomplice, who carried the mail by "underground route" from the brigade to Missouri. By James Bradley, 1894, Mexico, Mo.
Memoirs, historical and personal : including the campaigns of the First Missouri Confederate Brigade, by Anderson, Ephraim McD. (Ephraim McDowell) St. Louis, 1868.
The Battle of Fredricktown, October 1861. By R.C. Arnett, 1917.
Reminiscences of S.H. Ford, Captain of Company "F", 2nd Reg. - General Jos. O. Shelby's Brigade of Missouri Confederate Cavalry - 1861-1865, by. S. H. Ford, transcribed 1956, Owensboro, KY.


Camp and Prison Journal, by Griffin Frost (embracing scenes in camp, on the march, and in prisons... Also, scenes and incidents during a trip for exchange, from St. Louis, Mo.and beyond). Quincy, IL, 1867.
Charles W. Quantrell; a true history of his guerrilla warfare on the Missouri and Kansas border during the civil war of 1861-1865, by John P. Burch, as told by Captain Harrison Trow

Martrydom in Missouri, by Wm. M. Leftwich

Published circa 1870, St. Louis, Mo.

Volume 1 (436 pages)

Volume 2  (446 pages)

Battles and biographies of Missourians, by Wm. L. Webb, 1900 Kansas City, Mo., 370 pages


The Story of a Border City during the Civil War (St. Louis), by Galusha Anderson, 1908
History of the First and Second Missouri Confederate brigades, 1861-1865, by Col. Robert S. Beveir (1865) Jim Cummins, the guerrilla, by Jim Cummins, 1908 Excelsior Springs, Mo. (a Confederate Guerrilla account).
Missouri: A Bone of Contention, by Lucien Carr (1888) page 291, deals with the Camp Jackson affair; P 324 Battle of  Lexington; p. 342--the evacuation of the State.


Quantrill and the Border Wars, by William Elsey Connelly (1909)
The Struggle for Missouri, by John McElroy (1909)


Missouri's Memorable Decade, 1860-1870, George Miller (1898)
With Porter in North Missouri; by Mudd, Joseph A. (1909) Chronicles of the Civil War in Monroe County, by C. M. Farthing
A Tale of the Palmyra Massacre, by Robert Devoy, Palmyra, Mo. 1903 Noted guerrillas: or, The warfare of the border, John N. Edwards (1877) St. Louis.
Shelby and his men : or, The war in the West., by John N. Edwards (1867) Journal of the Missouri State Convention held at Jefferson City, July, 1861, printed by George Knapp.
The Battle of Lexington, by Lexington Historical Society, 1903 Confederate Military History of Missouri, by John C. Moore (1889)
Lincoln and Missouri, Walter B. Stevens (1916) The State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia. The Battle of Westport, Jenkins, Paul Burrill
Some incidents of the Civil War in Columbia and Boone County , Address Delivered to John S. Marmaduke Chapter United Daughters of Confederacy, at Columbia, October 14, 1931, By Judge N. T. Gentry Missouri Adjutant General's Report of 1863 .  This is a report from the unconstitutional government of Missouri. Presented here for reference.
Missouri's Union Provost Marshal's Papers 1861-1865. Missouri State Archives Site Autobiography of Samuel S. Hildebrand, the renowned Missouri "bushwhacker", compiled by James W. Evans and A. Wendell Keith. (1872)
Confederate monument in Forest park, St. Louis, by George W. Bailey, 1915, St. Louis, Mo.


My experiences in the war 1861 to 1865; or a little autobiography, by Capt. AI Edgar Asbury, Kansas City, Mo., 1894 (Former Missouri State Guardsman and Mo. Confederate.)