Even though St. Louis was a city where a majority of its citizens were of pro-Union  sentiments, there was a very large minority of the population that was willing to do anything in their power to aid the Constitutional government of Missouri and the Confederacy. Below is the text of a broadside that was posted throughout the city during 1861. This was part of the effort to suppress the southern sympathizers of the city.  An original copy of one such broadside can be found in the collection of the Missouri Historical Society in St. Louis.




Head Quarters Western Department
St. Louis, Mo. August 14, 1861
I hereby declare and establish
Martial Law
In the City and County of St. Louis.

Major J. McKinstry, U.S. Army,
is appointed Provost Marshal. All orders
and regulations issued by him will be
respected and obeyed !

J.C. Fremont,
Major General Commanding.