Sterling Price Camp United
Confederate Veterans 

Photo circa 1900, courtesy of Bill Drummond, (Newport Beach, CA). Bill's grandfather is John Milton
 Drummond (27), 9th Missouri Cavalry CSA. These are some of the first Price camp members, the Confederate Veterans.


1) Alexander R. Patterson; Co.K, Elliott's 9th Mo Cavalry 
(also, Alexander R. Patterson: MO 6th Inf. Co.B)
16) John W. Holman Col. Shelby's Co.B, 6th Mo. [MO 6th Cav. Co.K] 
2) Benjamin Elliott; Colonel, Shelby's [ MO 9th (Elliott's) Cav.] [Colonel, MO Inf. 2nd Regt.St.Guard ]  17) Wesley Wood; scout ?? unit 
3) Charles Gundlack [SC 1st (Butler's) Inf. Co.G Sgt.]  18) Cornelius Y. Ford; Captain, Co.G, 2nd Mo. Cavalry
4) Joseph H. Christy Co.G, Shelby's Captain [MO 5th Cav.
19) William H. Edwards Capt., Ky. Regt. [ possibly, William H. Edwards: KY 5th Cav. Co.A] 
5) James S. Grosshart Capt., Co.C, 9th Mo. [also MO 9th Inf. Co.H]  20) Daniel G. Wade; Jordan's Battery, VA Arty 
6) Thomas G. Gibbs Co.B, 6th Mo. Inf.  21) Samuel P. Bascom MO 9th (Elliot's) Cav. 
7) Robert Donaldson Scout & Comm. [MO 5th Inf. Co.K??]  22) George M. Dunlap; Cockrell's
8) Samuel L. Ramsey Lt., Co.I, Cockrell's [ Sgt., MO 5th Inf. Co.I ]  23) Hieronimus Kite; Ashley's Va. [ VA 97th Mil. Co.E] 
9) Cal J. Edwards Co.C., 45th Va. [Calvin J. Edwards: VA 45th Inf. Co.E 24) Dr. William C. Goodwin; Surg. MSG & Va. [MO 5th Inf. Co.I Asst.Surg.] [GS Gen. & Staff Asst.Surg.] 
10) Matt Wayman; Collins' Battery [Collin's Missouri Battery, Shelby's Brigade]  25) Ethelbert T. Lee; Co.E, Elliott's 9th MO Cav. [?? also:
Ethelbert Lee: VA 3rd Inf. Co.G] 
11) R. Patton Marshall; Co.E., Elliott's 9th MO Cav.  26) Lewis P. Cooper; Co.A, 34th Va.
12) Wayne Masterson; Co.A, Shank's 6th MO Cavalry [also, Masterson, W.: MO Cav. 2nd Regt.St.Guard Co.A]  27) John Milton Drummond, unit unknown, commands of
Shelby and Price 
13) unknown  28) Jackson A. McCauley Co.I, Shank's 6th Mo Cav.
14) Warren T. Glover 1st Lt., Co.G, 9th Mo Inf. [2nd
Regt.St.Guard Co.A 1st Lt.] [MO Inf. Clark's

29) Daniel Wilson Co.G, Shelby's Cav.


15) George W. Fox Co.E, 60th Va. [Corporal]  

The Sterling Price Camp is the second oldest Sons of Confederate Veteran camp, It was established in 1899. In the drop down menu provided below, you will find a list of membership lists dating back to 1939.