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Welcome to Sterling Price Camp No. 145
Welcome to Sterling Price Camp No. 145

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     Our camp is the second oldest camp in the SCV and the oldest camp west of the Mississippi.  We were founded in 1899.  Read about the first 100 years of our camp history.

     Our camp meets once a month except for June, July and August.   More information about our meetings, times, and location can be found here.

     Did you think that Missouri was just a "border state" and did not secede from the union?  Click here to learn something new!

     Price Camp is part of the Missouri Division of the SCV.  More information about joining, genealogy, and membership eligibility can be found there as well.  If you are eligible, we would love to have you join our camp!

     Our latest newsletter is May 2019.  Click here to read it.

Click here to join us in our Salute to the Confederate Flag

     Below is a short video to the tune of Dixie...