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Welcome to Sterling Price Camp No. 145
Welcome to Sterling Price Camp No. 145

     Our camp is the second oldest camp in the SCV and the oldest camp west of the Mississippi.  We were founded in 1899.  Read about the first 100 years of our camp history.

     Our camp meets once a month except for June, July and August.   More information about our meetings, times, and location can be found here.

     Did you think that Missouri was just a "border state" and did not secede from the union?  Click here to learn something new!

     Price Camp is part of the Missouri Division of the SCV.  More information about joining, genealogy, and membership eligibility can be found there as well.  If you are eligible, we would love to have you join our camp!

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Latest Articles

Monuments Coming Down? - Published on June 26, 2020
...    They may be going down everywhere else, but in Greenville MO the historical society I am president of erected 5 monuments to unknown Confederates killed on July 20, 1862 at Greenville....
David Bollinger
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Confederate Sea Raiders - Published on May 11, 2020
...Charles Knight gave a presentation on Confederate Sea Raiders.  It can be downloaded here....
Charles Knight
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A Look at Six of My Confederate Ancestors : With a Look at My One Shanghaied Union Ancestor - Published on May 11, 2020
...Charles Knight gave a presentation on his confederate ancestors.  His presentation can be downloaded here....
Charles Knight
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Confederate Industrial Resources - Published on May 8, 2020
...Charles Knight gave a very informative talk to our camp regrading the industrial resources of the CSA.  It's been graciously provided so you may download for your reading pleasure.  To read and download the document, you can click here....
Charles Knight
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Price Camp SCV By-Laws - Published on March 10, 2020
...BY-LAWS for Sterling Price Camp NO. 145 Sons of Confederate Veterans...
Germanic Surnames in Gray - Published on March 17, 2019
...One of the most overlooked group of soldiers that served in the Confederate Army are those individuals having Germanic surnames. While much attention is made to the large numbers of Germans that served in the Union Army, little is publicized about their southern counterpart or about the descendants of early Germanic immigrants that made it to this country as early as 1714, when the first German colony was established in Orange Co., Virginia. Broadfoot Publishers has recently released on CD RO...
Hispanic Confederate Heritage - Published on March 17, 2019
...The names below are only a sample of the total number of Hispanics serving in the Southern army. Nevertheless, it illustrates the significance of the Hispanic contribution to the Confederate armed forces. Alabama Division Commander of the SCV, David Toifel, correctly observes that, "For too many years the Confederate soldier was portrayed only as white, predominately Scots-Irish and Protestant. New studies are not so much changing a myth as they are adding the color and diversity which has ...
American Indian Confederate Heritage - Published on March 17, 2019
...     The following are Native American Confederate soldiers, derived from records of the National Archives. This listing is to give the reader a better understanding of  the ethnic variance within the southern ranks. It is far from being a complete listing of Native American Confederates.  Most of the soldiers below had only one traditional Indian name, instead of  a Christian/Anglo first and last names.  Many others not listed had taken on Christian first name...
Black Confederates Heritage - Published on March 16, 2019
...     Black Confederates Why haven’t we heard more about them? National Park Service historian, Ed Bearrs, stated, “I don’t want to call it a conspiracy to ignore the role of Blacks both above and below the Mason-Dixon line, but it was definitely a tendency that began around 1910” Historian, Erwin L. Jordan, Jr., calls it a “cover-up” which started back in 1865. He writes, “During my research, I came across instances where Black men stated ...
Scott K. Williams
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Pvt. Elias James : Co E, 4th Alabama "Roddey's" Cavalry : by Scott K. Williams, GG Grandson - Published on March 16, 2019
...     Elias James, born Feb. 4, 1836, enlisted in Co E, 4th Alabama "Roddey’s" Cavalry, CSA. His younger brother, Enoch, also served in this same unit. Elias was severely wounded on Dec 24th 1864, in a skirmish North of Decatur, Alabama. The day they brought him home, it was very cold, and the blood was frozen in his hair. A piece of his skull was shot out and covered with a metal plate by a surgeon. J. A. Taylor, of the same unit, was one of the men who carried Eli...
Scott K. Williams
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Capt. William H. Wiseman : Co. G 43rd Tennessee Infantry CSA : Ancestor of Dale Wiseman, Sterling Price Camp, No. 145, St. Louis, Mo. - Published on March 16, 2019
...William H. Wiseman enlisted in Company G, Forty-Third Tennessee Infantry at Mosby Creek, Knoxville, Tennessee on October 19, 1861. This regiment was raised by the Hon. JamesW. Gillespie, of Rhea county, and Assistant Adjutant General under Governor Harris. The regiment was mustered into Confederate service on November 24,1861  and  Wiseman was  elected Lieutenant of company G under Captain James Neff. The regiment did guard duty at the bridges along the East Tennessee, Virginia, a...
John Drumghoule Williams : A Texas Partisan Ranger : 8 September 1840 - 17 October 1917 : By Chuck Workman, great grandson - Published on March 16, 2019
...Of his nine children that accompanied Lemuel Hardin Williams (My GGGrandfather) from Kentucky to Texas in 1857, John Drumghoule was the eldest. Born in 1840, he passed his 17th birthday during the first week of the trip, but it is doubtful that there was much of a celebration as there might have been. He had helped his father in the Albany store and was expected to do a man's work on the journey. His younger brother, Francis Irwin, even at the age of twelve, probably helped drive the wagons ...
Chuck Workman
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Francis Gardere Henderson : Great Great Grandfather of Terry Henderson - Published on March 16, 2019
...     Francis Gardere Henderson was born around 1826 in Baton Rouge, LA. His father was Stephen Henderson and mother, Mary Hardy Reid. He was the oldest of at least 8 children, two others who fought for the south in Louisiana. During his youth in Baton Rouge, he was a member of the Young Whig movement as his father, Stephen was very involved at the state level. His father was a plantation owner, editor of the "Baton Rouge Gazette" and very involved in the politics of the ...
General Joseph E. Johnston : Ancestor of James M. England - Published on March 16, 2019
...     General Joseph E. Johnston was born in Cherry Grove, Va., February 3, 1807, and died in Washington City, D. C., March 21, 1891, in the eighty-fifth year of his age. He was graduated at the United States Military Academy at West Point, in the same class with General Lee, in 1829, and was commissioned second lieutenant of the artillery. His service in military and topographical duty was continuous in that rank until 1836, when he was promoted to first lieutenancy of artillery a...
My Confederate Ancestors : 2nd Lt. John Calvin Welch and Pvt. Joshua David Derryberry - Published on March 16, 2019
...2nd Lt. John Calvin Welch, Co F, 9th Mo. Infantry CSA      John Calvin Welch was born on November the 8th 1840 in what is now Dent county Missouri (for your info. part of Crawford and Shannon counties were subdivided to form Dent Co.)   He was the Son of Thomas Welch and Eliza Reddick Welch who were originally from Tennessee and of Scottish decent.   He was married to Martha Elinder Wofford on Dec. 20th 1866 and they head 7 children.  He enlisted in 1861 wit...
Steve Chase
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Pvt. James Barrington Davis : 34th Texas Calvary - Published on March 16, 2019
...James Barrington Davis was educated in Mt. Sterling, KY and served with Kentucky troops in the Mexican War. Returning home, he worked on the family farm while resuming his education in Law. His father, Josiah Davis died at the age of 50 in 1847. In the mid 1850's James moved to Bonham in Fannin County, Texas where he opened a law practice and on 20 April 1858 married Miss Mary Eliza Beauchamp, formerly of Morgan County, KY, but living in Paris, TX with Harriett Graves Wooten and her husband ...
Chuck Workman
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Pvt. Gilliam Bounds : 3rd Battalion Mississippi State Troops - Published on March 16, 2019
...Gilliam Bounds and wife, Kizziah Nelson  (Seated outside their cabin and displaying their most precious material possessions. Gilliam is holding his shotgun and in left hand, a leash for his favorite coon dog. Kizziah is holding what appears to be the family Bible. They were devoted Christians.) Gilliam Bounds, Pvt., 3rd Btn Miss. State Troops.  Gilliam lived most of his life in Mississippi but did live for a period of time in St. Helen Parish, Louisiana which is just across the St...
Joseph Addison Barber, A Moss Bluff Rebel : Ancestor of Compatriot, David Barber - Published on March 16, 2019
...Joseph "Addison" was born October 27, 1824 in Louisiana. His parents were Samuel B. Barber (born circa 1790 in Hagerstown, MD )  and Elizabeth "Betsy" Barrow. Addison married Emmeline Frances Jackson (born December 9th, 1837, Alabama; daughter of Bill and Polly Jackson) and fathered at least 5 children. Known children are: Anna Melissa BARBER, b. June 5, 1861; Thomas Henry BARBER b. Oct 25, 1864; Augusta Eliza BARBER b. Oct 8, 1869;Martha Laura Jane "Mattie" BA...
Recommended Links - Published on March 16, 2019
...Main SCV Links Missouri Division National SCV SCV-Links-for-Adjacent States Beauvoir, Jefferson Davis Home  Tennessee Division SCV Arkansas Division SCV Kentucky Division SCV Oklahoma Division SCV   Alabama Division, SCV Arizona Division, SCV California Division, SCV Florida Division, SCV Georgia Division, SCV Indiana Division, SCV Louisiana Division, SCV Maryland Division, SCV North Carolina Division, SCV Texas Division, SCV South Carolina Division, SCV ...
Price's 1864 Missouri Expedition : Report of Maj. Gen. Sterling Price - Published on March 16, 2019
...WASHINGTON, ARK., December 28, 1864. GENERAL: I have the honor to make the following report of my operations in the late expedition into Missouri: I regret to state that the report is meager and incomplete in many of its details, for the reason that Major-General Marmaduke and Briga-dier-General Cabell, who bore so honorable and conspicuous a part in the greater part of the expedition, were captured before its close and are now prisoners in the hands of the enemy, while Major General Fagan, ...
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